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Defending Felony Charges

The more serious the charges you face, the more serious the potential consequences. Nothing in the state of North Carolina is more serious than a felony charge. From a drug case to violent crimes, you want a lawyer who will help you build an aggressive defense. At the law offices of Bruce A. Lee, P.A. we have been representing the accused in felony cases in North Carolina for over 20 years.

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There are two local courts in North Carolina. Felonies are generally handled in the Superior Court. With over 25 years of legal experience, including 20 years of criminal defense in North Carolina, attorney Bruce A. Lee understands the high stakes and potential consequences of a possible felony conviction. Providing thorough and detail-oriented preparation and aggressive representation, we will be at your side throughout the felony defense process.

Our firm is highly experienced handling felony charges in the State and Federal courts in North Carolina. We pursue all possible avenues towards resolution, including the reduction of felony charges to misdemeanors. With softer penalties and more options for alternative sentences, it is much better to be charged with a misdemeanor. Whatever felony charge you face today, we can help you explore your options and build an aggressive defense:

Murder, Homicide, & Vehicular Homicide
Robbery & Burglary
Drug Crimes

In addition to our felony defense work in North Carolina state courts, we also handle other aspects of the criminal process, such as expungements, and probation violation hearings. When you work with our firm, we will be at your side every step along the way.