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     If you have been arrested for a drug crime in the Middle District of North Carolina, you have rights and you should take action to protect yourself. From marijuana possession to intent to distribute, you want an attorney who will put in the work to build your defense. At Bruce A. Lee, P.A. , you will work directly with your lawyer throughout the legal process, uncovering facts and aggressively protecting your rights in court.

 Do Not Take a Chance with Your Future

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    A drug crime conviction will affect every aspect of your future. From immediate sentencing to future job applications, you want to protect more than your rights — you want to protect your future. Many if not most Federal Drugs Charges carry mandatory sentences with time in jail if convicted.

    You need an attorney who is experienced in the application of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, which determines what sentence you will receive if convicted or plead guilty. I have over twenty- five years in representing clients in Federal District Court. I have experience in assisting clients in getting the least amount of time possible by knowing when and how to object to the sentencing guidelines. 

    The Sentencing Guidelines in Federal District Courts are no longer mandatory with the exceptions of crimes which carry mandatory minimum sentences, such as certain drug violations and firearms charges such as Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon and Armed Career Offender Status. Judges can and do vary from the Sentencing Guidelines when presented with compelling reasons. Knowing how to make those arguments to the Court can make a difference in your case. 
    Sentencing can be the most important aspect of a Federal case. You need an Attorney with the experience and know how to represent you in a Federal Sentencing Hearing or Supervised Release Violation Hearing.    

    At the law offices of Bruce A. Lee, Attorney at Law,I have handle more than one hundred cases  in Federal Courts in North Carolina. From charges of possession and intent to distribute, to drug trafficking and manufacture crimes, we will help you challenge the charges you face and minimize the potential consequences. We represent the accused in federal cases involving a variety of charges, including:

Child Pornography
Illegal Re-entry after Deportation

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    When you fight your drug charges, you are fighting to protect your future. Located in the Crumley Roberts Law Building in Greensboro, our firm accepts credit cards and offers evening appointments.

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